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InnerDrive.Azure Namespace

Includes specialized tools to assist in developing applications for Microsoft Azure.
Public classAzureTableSettingsStore Persists key-value pairs of settings in table storage
Public classAzureTableStore Stores data in Azure table storage
Public classAzureTzInfoFileReader Implements ITzInfoFileReader to retrieve tzinfo files from Microsoft Azure Blob storage
Public classBlobContainer Wraps a BlobContainerClient to facilitate access to Blob storage.
Public classKeyGenerator Generates partition and row keys for Azure tables
Public classKeyVaultCryptoProvider Implements encryption and decryption using Key Vault-stored keys
Public classKeyVaultKeyProvider Provides Azure Key Vault key retrieval and creation services
Public classKeyVaultSecretProvider Retrieves secrets from Azure Key Vault, failing over to ordinary configuration if not found.
Public classSecretNotFoundException Thrown when an item cannot be found in an Azure Key Vault
Public classTableEntity Replaces the obsolete TableEntity class from previous Cosmos DB packages
Public interfaceICryptoProvider Defines basic encryption and decryption services using Azure Key Vault
Public interfaceIKeyProvider Defines the behavior and data of classes that provide encryption keys
Public interfaceISecretProvider Allows classes to get configuration settings from secrets providers, such as Azure Key Vault.