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KeyVaultKeyProvider Class

Provides Azure Key Vault key retrieval and creation services
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: InnerDrive.Azure
Assembly: InnerDrive.Azure (in InnerDrive.Azure.dll) Version: 5.0.8475.0
public class KeyVaultKeyProvider : IKeyProvider

The KeyVaultKeyProvider type exposes the following members.

Public methodKeyVaultKeyProvider Creates a new instance of KeyVaultKeyProvider
Public propertyKeyVaultUrl The URL of the Azure Key Vault to use
Public propertyThrowOnFailure If true, exceptions thrown during the normal course of operations will be re-thrown
Public methodCreateKey Creates and stores a new key in Key Vault. The create key operation can be used to create any key type in Azure Key Vault. If the named key already exists, Azure Key Vault creates a new version of the key. This operation requires the keys/create permission.
Public methodDeleteKey Deletes a key from Key Vault.
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Public methodGetKey Gets the public part of a stored key
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