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AzureTzInfoFileReader Class

Implements ITzInfoFileReader to retrieve tzinfo files from Microsoft Azure Blob storage
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: InnerDrive.Azure
Assembly: InnerDrive.Azure (in InnerDrive.Azure.dll) Version: 5.0.8475.0
public class AzureTzInfoFileReader : ITzInfoFileReader

The AzureTzInfoFileReader type exposes the following members.

Public methodAzureTzInfoFileReader Creates a new instance of AzureTzInfoFileReader
Public propertyFileContents Returns the contents of the tzinfo file that the class has read
Public propertyFileName Gets the name of the file currently being read
Public propertyInitialized If true, the reader is initialized, and there is no need to call the Load method
Public methodClear Clears the contents of the class
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Public methodLoad Parses the data from the input provided
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Public fieldStatic memberBlobNameConfigKey Gets the name of the configuration item pointing to the blob containing the IANA time zone database files
Public fieldStatic memberStorageSettingKey Gets the name of the configuration item pointing to the Azure storage connection string to use
The AzureTzInfoFileReader expects two configuration settings:
storageConnectionStringThe Azure storage connection string to use
timeZoneSettings:timeZoneBlobNameThe Blob containing tzinfo database files

Here is a typical configuration section in appSettings.json, including settings used in the TimeZoneFactory:

  "storageConnectionString": "Super secret Azure storage connection string",
    "timeZoneSettings": {
    "defaultTimeZoneHomeZone": "America/Chicago",
    "throwOnLoadFailure": "false",
    "timeZoneBlobName": "TimeZoneData"

Note that the storage connection string can be set up as a secret that the ISecretProvider instance can retrieve. For example, to store it in Microsoft Azure Key Vault, you can use the KeyVaultSecretProvider class.

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