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TableEntity Properties

The TableEntity type exposes the following members.

Public propertyETag Gets or sets the entity's ETag.
Public propertyPartitionKey The partition key is a unique identifier for the partition within a given table and forms the first part of an entity's primary key.
Public propertyRowKey The row key is a unique identifier for an entity within a given partition. Together the PartitionKey and RowKey uniquely identify every entity within a table.
Public propertyTimestamp The Timestamp property is a DateTime value that is maintained on the server side to record the time an entity was last modified. The Table service uses the Timestamp property internally to provide optimistic concurrency. The value of Timestamp is a monotonically increasing value, meaning that each time the entity is modified, the value of Timestamp increases for that entity. This property should not be set on insert or update operations (the value will be ignored).
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